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Your Favourite Lethbridge Tree Planting Service

When planting a tree, you want to rest easy, knowing there’s no need to worry about it dying or destroying a utility line. But determining your soil’s pH level and the optimal amount of sun for a tree is time-consuming. If you want to take any guesswork out of tree planting, it might be time to look at getting Lethbridge tree service for tree planting.

If you’re like other property owners that want the benefits of trees for their land, Legacy Trees is here for all your tree planting Lethbridge, AB needs in Southern Alberta. Having our professionals do the planting, you won’t have to worry about staking or choosing soil types.

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The Benefits of Tree Planting in Lethbridge, AB:

Tired of seeing a bare lawn while your neighbors have massive oak or elm trees? There is a reason trees are so popular on Lethbridge properties these days and tree removals aren’t. A nice treeline can complement your private property nicely. Trees also have other benefits, such as helping the environment and creating shade and privacy. Maybe you want a pleasant apple tree for a supply of fresh apples?


It’s hard to understand how trees provide privacy until you move somewhere without any. House windows in Lethbridge communities often face each other these days, and depending on the time of day, people may have a clear view into your house. Planting a few evergreens will provide a line of defence against lines of sight into your house. They also have the benefit of providing shade and privacy in your backyard, letting you enjoy nice weather in peace without having to worry about getting sunburned.

Good for Environment

Do you find yourself feeling the effects of smoke in the air? Wildfires can make it hard to breathe for Lethbridge and its neighbouring cities and provinces. Luckily, trees are good for the environment by taking out carbon pollution from the air. This means you’ll have an easier time breathing outside by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and will know you’re helping fight deforestation and conservation. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

A bare landscape won’t complement your property value in Lethbridge, and can even take away from it. Adding trees can add an aesthetic element to your property and, in most cases, can actually increase it. You will also enhance your chances of wildlife spotting. With so many species of trees to choose from, it can be difficult to decide if you want to stand out with uncommon types or match existing trees in the neighbourhood. Adding trees to your green spaces can give them a nice look and make your boulevards look uniform and like an urban forest.  

Lethbridge Tree Planting Process

Planting a tree can be a complicated process. Many different factors affect the successful growth of your tree. We’ve broken down the step-by-step process for you to follow along during your tree planting. Lethbridge, AB residents who prefer to leave this process to a certified arborist should give us a call to see how we can professionally plant your tree the proper way.

1. Find The Right Tree

Deciding on the right tree species can be a fun but time-consuming process. Many different types of trees exist, and each has different offerings for properties in Lethbridge. For example, do you want something that flowers or produces fruit? Would you prefer something that holds its leaves all winter or changes leaf colors in the fall? Are you looking for something to block some wind or provide shade? All of these questions are important to ask yourself to find the best species for your Lethbridge tree planting. Some species also attract smaller animals such as birds or deer if you’re rural enough to them.

2. Decide Where to Plant Your Tree and Avoid Utility Lines

Finding the right spot is essential. Do you want a tree to provide privacy for your property in Lethbridge? Or do you want shade for your backyard? Could branches impact your house’s siding or hit any utility lines as it grows? It’s important to make sure the tree you’re planting is not in the direct path of any utility lines or powerlines. We recommend calling your local utility company to find out if there’s anything under where you plan to dig.

3. Digging the Hole

When digging your hole, it should be wide and shallow. Your hole should be up to three times the diameter of its root ball but no deeper than the rootball itself. Newly planted roots need to push through surrounding soil, ideally breaking up the soil in a large area around the planting spot. Existing soil is typically compact and unsuitable for healthy root growth

4. Positioning the Trunk Flare

The trunk flare is the location where the roots spread at the base. This should be partially visible when planting. This will show you how deep your hole needs to be.

5. Placing the Tree at the Proper Height

The majority of roots will develop in the top 12 inches of soil. At this depth, roots receive maximum amounts of oxygen. Plant trees a little high (2 – 3 inches) as opposed to low to allow for settling. Trees should always be moved by lifting their root ball, not their trunk, while planting.

6. Ensuring That the Tree is Straight

The next step involves making sure you’ve positioned your birch correctly. View the positioning from several different angles to ensure it’s straight. Once happy, use a good planting mix or loam to gently but firmly fill your hole to be about ⅓ full and pack the soil around its root ball. If your tree is balled and burlapped, cut and remove the string from around the trunk and the top ⅓ of the root ball.

7. Filling the Remainder of the Hole

When filling the remainder of the hole, ensure all soil is firmly packed to avoid roots drying out. You can add soil a few inches at a time and settle it with water.

8. Staking the Tree

Use two stakes on opposite sides and tie them with wide, flexible material. The staking system can be removed after its first year of growth. These stakes will serve as tree stabilization systems that will help the tree grow tall and straight.

9. Placing Mulch Around the Base of the Tree

Mulch will help to retain soil moisture, moderate temperature, and reduce grass and weed occurrence. Use leaf litter, pine straw, shredded bark, peat moss, or wood chips and build a two to four-inch layer. Pull the mulch away from the trunk of the tree to prevent potential disease problems. Avoid using fertilization for its first year.

Lethbridge Tree Planting Follow-up Care

We recommend keeping the soil moist but don’t over soak it; overwatering will cause leaves to turn yellow or fall off. Make sure new trees receive water at least once a week and more water during periods of hot weather. Dry soil under its mulch surface indicates that it is time to water

We recommend 38 liters per inch of trunk diameter when measured at 54-inch above grade. Use a regular garden hose and move it frequently to ensure that all the area under the tree’s drip line is saturated. The drip line is where rain falls from the tree during a rain shower.

To promote root growth and vigor, you can loosen up the soil under your tree’s canopy. Grassy areas beyond this tree well can be aerated to allow increased water saturation but make sure not to hit the tree’s roots. Grass shouldn’t encroach into the tree well. 

We recommend only fertilizing mature plants instead of babies as added growth may lead to problems with its development and should be left until one or two years after planting. You can use mulch, but you should keep it away from its trunk to prevent trunk decay.

Why Legacy Trees

We use efficient methods that keep your property in good condition, saving you money on post-planting lawn care. Our planting methods and post-installation care will help your tree reach its full potential. You won’t need to worry about digging a proper-sized hole, or if the soil can handle the species, we’ve got you covered with our years of experience. Our services will give you beautiful, healthy trees that make you proud.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lethbridge Tree Planting

Lethbridge, AB has a challenging climate, so advance planning is essential. We understand that tree planting isn’t always a straightforward process, but we’ve done our best to post our expert opinions on the most commonly asked questions.

How to Prevent and Control Tree Pests in Lethbridge, AB

First, look for pest damage that may have occurred. This may take the form of spotty or discoloured leaves, leaf curl or roll, leaf perforations, or plant defoliation. Also, it’s good to know that not all bugs are detrimental to the plant and should be identified as a threat before trying to control them. 

If a small number of pests exist, you may use pre-emptive tactics, such as spraying them with water or handpicking pests. Yellow sticky traps hung from branches can help keep pest numbers and tree health in check.

If pest numbers reach infestation level, you may need to perform a “population knockdown.” This involves spraying a mix of diatomaceous earth and water to kill crawling insects. A horticultural oil mix may also be applied to suffocate pests. Before using either method, we recommend testing it on a small portion of the plant to see if it can tolerate it or leaves a burn.

How Can I Stop Roots From Damaging My Foundation?

Since roots can’t live in sterile mediums such as concrete, they won’t seek to penetrate foundation walls. They will, however, seek moisture and may enter leaking pipes or foundations in search of moisture. Ensuring your stormwater and other drains are not leaking is important for keeping roots out.

Certain conditions exist that may cause foundation walls to rack. Some factors to watch out for are when specific soils such as marine clays are backfilled against buildings; surface water is falling between rooftops to stormwater sewers, prolonged drought, and where trees are withdrawing large quantities of water from the soil. These factors can cause the soil to shrink and allow the foundation to move in an outwards direction, potentially cracking the foundation.

How Young a Tree Should I Plant?

We recommend planting as young a tree with a healthy root system as your site will allow. Younger, smaller-sized trees have a higher number of roots than do older, larger-sized trees. Lethbridge trees rely on stored starches in their roots when they are being transplanted until they grow enough roots to sustain growth. 

Transplanting a bigger tree means it has to exist on its stored starches in a lower number of roots, so it is more stressful for a larger tree to be transplanted. In some high-traffic areas, we recommend larger ones for tree planting. Lethbridge, AB property owners will have higher chances of it thriving. 

How Close to My Property Line Can I Plant a Tree in Lethbridge, AB?

The best way to avoid a legal dispute over property lines is to use caution and follow all local regulations regarding the planting of trees near those lines. In general, if any part of the trunk is on your property, you are the owner and responsible. A plant on the property line itself is considered common property, and you’re both the owners. Thus, you can’t legally plant a tree on the property line without permission from your neighbor. We recommend planting trees 3 – 4 feet from those lines to leave room for future growth.

Call Us Now for Tree Planting in Lethbridge, AB

There’s a reason we’re local experts at tree planting in Lethbridge and throughout Southern Alberta. We offer a wide range of commercial and residential tree services for tree planting, moving, and supplying. If you want peace of mind knowing your tree will be safe and grow to be old, we’re here to make that happen. 

With Legacy Trees, you don’t need to worry about air pockets creating problems, soil conditions, or any other problems that might arise when you use our emergency tree service. Our advanced forestry practices and affordable tree services will give your new oak the best chance at survival and the least amount of damage to your property. 

For more information on our Lethbridge tree planting service or tree care services, or to book an appointment, give us a call at 403-715-8711 or schedule an appointment online. 

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