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Rows of evergreen trees in a field of mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB.

Lethbridge Mature Trees For Sale

Mature Trees for Sale in Lethbridge, AB

Rows of evergreen trees in a field of mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB.

Are you looking to improve your home’s aesthetics or perhaps add some shade and privacy to your property in Lethbridge? There are various reasons why homeowners choose to transplant mature trees to their yards, but each reason is typically unique. When you live in Lethbridge, mature trees for sale are available at Legacy Trees!

As a young team with a passion for locally-grown prairie trees and many other quality tree services, we are proud to be of service to our local community. The Lethbridge tree services provided by Legacy Trees include but are not limited to tree moving and tree planting. Moreover, we are proud to offer mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB.

Why Purchase Mature Trees?

Some people may have preconceived notions about having trees on their property in Lethbridge, from potential tree root intrusion in their sewer lines to easily clogged gutters. But these issues can be mitigated and often outright avoided with regular maintenance for those parts of your home. Once that is taken care of, nothing will stop you from purchasing the ideal mature tree for sale in Lethbridge, AB.

Besides adding aesthetic values to your property, there is a list of other benefits to consider:

Energy Savings:

Strong, mature trees could block harmful UV rays and winds, and thus, help you better manage your indoor temperatures, as well as protect your home’s exterior materials from weather damage. That’s why they’re also known as shade trees, designed to serve as a protective shield against severe weather conditions, and they’re also capable of helping you reduce your monthly energy bills by at least 15%.

If energy savings are your goal, we recommend not to make the mistake of purchasing young trees that have no capability of providing shade or other energy-efficient qualities. If anything, they are high-maintenance and require regular pruning for at least two decades before reaching maturity. With your local professionals at Legacy Tree, you will know exactly where to transplant your new mature tree for maximum energy efficiency and savings!

Increases Home Value:

Besides interior remodeling and upgrades, taking care of your yard may also go a long way in Lethbridge! Mature trees could increase your home value by up to 20%. Many real estate professionals have found that mature trees have a positive impact on house sales. Often, the mature tree itself can have an appraised value of thousands of dollars, compared to small, fancy young trees that are more typical in large city environments. A healthy mature tree can make a huge difference in your home sale process.

More Carbon Dioxide Absorption:

A huge benefit of mature trees is that they can absorb a lot more carbon dioxide than young ones. To make a huge difference for your environment, planting deciduous trees like oaks can help absorb a high level of carbon dioxide. While young trees also provide clean air quality, they won’t be able to compete with mature ones.

Less Maintenance:

Having mentioned pruning before, young trees need seasonal, if not regular pruning services from an experienced professional who will ensure their development and growth is healthy. You want the main branches to grow strong and beautiful as they age, but that requires a high level of maintenance.

We have found that even some experienced gardeners are overwhelmed by taking care of young elms and larches as it requires you to climb a tall ladder to inspect branches and prune accordingly. Our trusted Lethbridge mature trees for sale will take away all the maintenance work. Your mature high-quality tree is already pruned and perfect!

Types Of Mature Trees For Sale in Lethbridge, AB

Legacy Trees is here to do all the time-consuming work with a passion. We know what we are doing and want to help you skip the growing stage and waiting line. Below, you will find mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB, but don’t fret if you can’t decide which one to choose.

Of course, each species has its own characteristics and different requirements for soil pH levels. With our team of experienced arborists, we’ll help you choose the right mature tree for your property in Lethbridge.

Our selection of trees includes:

Burr Oak

Burr oak is one of the fastest growing trees in North America and may grow even faster in areas where the soil is wet, sandy, loamy, and has high alkaline levels. Still, in Southern Alberta, burr oaks grow up to 50 feet tall on average with a canopy spread of up to 40 feet. That said, it’s not uncommon for it to reach twice that size. Trees can also be particular in their own ways, but in a hugely positive way!

Burr oaks are ideal when facing direct sunlight, which makes them perfect to have as a shade tree.

Schubert Chokecherry

When you plan to add distinct colors to your Lethbridge property, adding a mature Schubert Chokecherry is your best option! They are beautiful specimen trees that can give your property more vibrancy. Its burgundy foliage, pyramidal form, and grape-like fruit attract birds and other harmless animals to add more life to your back or front yard.

On average, they grow to be 26 feet tall with a spread of about 13 feet. Its canopy is low, so during transplantation, your Schubert Chokecherry’s roots will only go about four feet below the ground. So if you have power lines underneath, this species is your best choice.

Brandon Elm

Elm trees are another fast-growing species that is highly desired by our Lethbridge customers. When mature, they may reach about 40 feet in height with an average spread of 25 feet. Due to their high canopy and dense branches, they often look like they’re shaped like a vase. While Brandon Elm is smaller than other elm species (such as the American elm), it’s an amazing choice for a boulevard tree that partly shades your home.

Ming Cherry

Ming cherry trees may grow between 16 to 24 inches per year, given that you regularly water them. Eventually, they could reach a height of 25 feet with a canopy spread of 16 feet. It has deciduous foliage, as well as sweet-smelling white flowers. As a popular spring tree, they may not look like they can handle extreme low temperatures, but they can. When we grow our trees and aid them towards maturation, we also ensure they adapt to Lethbridge’s climate.


Mayday is a highly regarded cherry tree species which grows slightly slower than its relatives. As a smaller species, it can grow up to 33 feet tall with an average spread of 25 feet. They may be difficult to maintain as they grow into maturity. A qualified arborist has to detect diseased limbs and carefully remove them.

Sometimes, this species has branches that grow towards the trunk, which is not ideal. So it’s important that your local arborist adjusts the branch growth upward and away from the trunk. One thing about mayday species is that they require annual pruning. Their typical life expectancy is approximately 30 years.


The alpine larch is fairly common in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. What makes them stand out from other typical conifers is that larches are a deciduous species, which you might not have expected from a needle-bearing tree. Overall, they have softer foliage than their relatives and while they lose most of their canopy, it will still recover the next year and grow brand-new needles.

The alpine larch can grow anywhere between 29 to 39 feet high. So why not impress the people in your neighbourhood with a deciduous conifer that turns yellow in the fall and sheds?

Colorado Blue Spruce

Perhaps not as this year’s Christmas tree, but Colorado blue spruces are some of the longest-lived trees that we have in Alberta, reaching the age of 200 years or more, as long as the environment works in their favour. While they can grow up to 70 or 80 feet in the mountains, we can have our Colorado blue spruce mature at 50 feet high with a canopy spread of 20 feet in Southern Alberta.

The average life expectancy of standard blue spruces in the city is 80 years. They are a slow-growing species and in high demand. We recommend that any requests should be placed early. Colorado blue spruces are some of the mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB that we are extremely proud of.

White Spruce

As one of Alberta’s most common evergreen trees and conifers, the white spruce may grow as tall as 78 feet under normal conditions, but out in the wilderness it may reach as high as 100 feet. A line of white spruce is good to have as a shelter belt. Many farmers plant these for windbreak purposes to protect their soil and crops. When you opt for a white spruce, our local experts will make sure the transplant occurs at least ten feet away from your other garden plants. This way, your flowers, shrubs, or even vegetables will receive plenty of sunlight. A white spruce on your Lethbridge property could easily evoke the thought of being out in the wilderness. It does carry seeds and fruits that may attract squirrels and birds.

Ponderosa Pine

A ponderosa pine grows up to 80 feet tall, sometimes even taller than expected. They have a trunk spread of around three or four feet, but tend to grow unevenly. They have thick, heavy barks, intended to protect them from ground fires. They grow best in full sun and well-drained soil but are also highly adaptable to elevation changes and are also able to handle a bit of drought. However, to best handle freezing temperatures, it should be facing direct sunlight at all times.

Scotch Pine

This species is also called Scots Pine in other parts of North America. When mature, it  grows up to 50 feet tall on average with a wide spread off 35 feet. Structurally, it’s a beautiful tree that reminds a lot of people of a bonsai plant because it has asymmetrical cones pointing either backwards or downwards. But this species doesn’t typically curve or curl around its branches like other conifers. Speaking of which, there is a Scotch pine bonsai species that cultivators have made possible! Besides white spruce, Scotch pine is another highly desired evergreen coniferous species to have on one’s property in Lethbridge.

Why Choose Legacy Trees?

A tree moving truck from Legacy Trees parked in a field of mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB.

Legacy Trees is a locally-owned family business in Lethbridge, providing the local community and surrounding areas with excellent tree services. Whether you seek tree moving services for a rare species that you planted as a child or want more information about tree planting services, we have you covered.

Our team of expert arborists work hard to meet your needs and will go above and beyond to ensure your existing trees are treated with the utmost care. Thanks to our professional lift equipment, we’re able to transport your beloved tree safely from one place to another without causing damage around the property. When you hire our services, we’ll thoroughly inspect your Lethbridge property and ask you about your unique needs before we continue with your initial service request.

As your fully insured and certified tree services team in Lethbridge, we are capable of determining the best species to grow on your property, so you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you invested successfully in a brand-new tree.

Our popular Lethbridge mature trees for sale are also available to help you save time and effort of self-planting and pruning. With increased privacy, shade, and property value, you are also giving back to nature, and we are proud to be part of this project!

Looking For Mature Trees for Sale Near Lethbridge?

You are at the right place at Legacy Trees. Whether you seek evergreen colours or brilliant fall colours, we have what you are looking for. After so many years of experience and hours committed to our tree services, we haven’t been more proud and thankful to the support we’ve received from our Lethbridge community.

When in need of mature trees for sale in Lethbridge, AB or a nearby area, please contact our friendly office team at 403-715-8711 to gather more information or schedule an appointment on your property for a consultation.